Posted by: xvr2009 | February 21, 2009

Late night, working hard, money is slow

I tell you running on online business is not easy. Between keywords, marketing, advertising, products, leads, etc…etc… it takes up a lot, a lot of time.

Anyway, I have been putting together something that will help those looking to start a business online and a brick and mortar or retail store with key things such as

SEO links, link exchange sites, where to get a Turnkey website, host services, research, marketing, business plans, preformatted financials, and a bunch of other key items

That will help you tremendously. This will save you time and frustration and will give you a few hours of peace.

What kind of things do you look for?

How do you spend your time?

Which item of a business is more important to you?

Check out my site on your down time –

I am also working on other sites to promote the main site – good or bad – what do you think.


I am glad I get to rest soon…Whew.

Posted by: xvr2009 | February 20, 2009

Hello world!

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